4 Jan 2013

I Come As New

 While wearing the clothes I bought for you and wearing the cologne I picked out for you , you’re probably looking in her eyes and smiling down at her . Was it really worth it all ? Was it good enough to hurt me so ? What could I have done differently ? . So that I wouldn’t  hurt like this ? I want to forget about you but we have too many memories . While I’m reminiscing about it all the tears start falling down but I’ll show you a different side of me I’ll show you a much handsome side of me I’m not gonna cry like a fool over you . Who left me behind I’ll find myself a better man and show you that I can be happy without you and I’m fine without you I won’t be breaking down .

 A Man Cry Because of Love :'(

Girls you gotta be aware I might have changed the way I look on I may look different but I’m still the same on the inside whenever I run into you I’ll smile and then I’ll pass on by and go on my way without a care . I’ll throw away the ring you gave me and set aflame all the things you wrote I’ll forget you without any regrets I will forget you I will erase you from my mind . That for you dear Ex :*

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